Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Hi, everyone!

Welcome to our brand new blog!

We will be a work in progress for awhile but we hope you will bear with us and visit often. Our goal is to become one of your go-to-resources for anything and everything Storytime-related. 

We started a few months ago as a Facebook group ~ which you can find at Storytimes And More On the Go ~ where we have some very informative and fun discussions about Storytimes and Outreach programming. We are an open group and invite anyone (librarians, teachers, parents, grandparents, caregivers, etc) who is interested in connecting young children with the power and magic of quality books. We share ideas about storytelling, booksharing, songs, rhymes, creative movement activities, crafts, and learning activities ~ just to name a few things. And we hope you will join us because we LOVE sharing ideas!

We are slowly branching out to include an account on Twitter as @StorytimesToGo, on Pinterest as Storytimes and More, and now right here on our very own blog!

Our first project on our blog is starting a weekly Share post ~ didn't I just say we love to share ideas? ~ that we bring together on Saturdays. Our weekly link-up of ideas will be called Storytimes and More Saturday Share or SMSShare for short. More information will be available this afternoon for our first SMSShare that is scheduled for tomorrow. So get your ideas ready!

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  1. This sounds wonderful! How can I subscribe?

    Lois Burgess