Friday, January 3, 2014

Storytimes and More Saturday Share ~ Our Very First One!


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To kick-off the New Year with a BANG!, we would like to start a new weekly resource link-up ~ 

Storytimes and More Saturday Share

If you are new to the idea of a weekly link-up, it is a very simple idea. 

Each week, we will be posting a new Storytimes and More Saturday Share post on our blog by Thursday morning. 

From Thursday to Saturday at Noon EST, we invite anyone to share their thoughts and ideas with us by posting a link in the comment section. 

The link can be to your own blog post or it can be a link to someone else's that you found useful or interesting. 

Our only request is that the items shared be related to children's books or early literacy in some way. 

We welcome craft ideas, book or children's cd reviews, magnetic board and flannel board story sets, articles about different aspects of early literacy, posts about how to use puppets or props in storytimes, etc. There is really no limit to what could be shared ~ as long as it relates to children and books in some way.

We also welcome past posts from your blogs. Why reinvent the wheel if a good post has already been written?!??! 

If anyone has an idea that they want to share but you don't have a blog of your own, please consider contributing as a Guest Poster. Contact ~ K ~ at for more information on Guest Posting.


Let's get started with our very first 

Storytimes and More
Saturday Share!

Add your link to the comments below. Then stop back by tomorrow evening for a look at everyone's awesome shares for the week. 

See you soon!


  1. hi i'm lisa. i'm sharing a quick easy snowman craft i'm using next week with my afterschool kids. easy and cheap!!!

    thanks for starting this linkup. i need ideas for my library programs!!!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! You have been added to our first Storytimes and More Saturday Share.

      Btw, do you have any contact information ~ like a blog or an email ~ that you would want me to share with the group?

      Thanks again for participating this week!
      ~ K ~

  2. I'm a SAHM always looking for new stuff for my DD Zoe. I'm excited to find a new linky party about kid's books! Thanks a million for doing it!

    Saw this on Pinterest. So want to do it! Would it be good for libraries?

    1. Hi Mom to Zoe! Thank you for joining in on our first Storytimes and More Saturday Share. I love the link you shared! Zoe is such a lucky little girl to have a Mom so interested in providing fun and exciting activities like this.

      Would you want to share your name with us? Or do you prefer that we just call you Mom to Zoe? And please let me know if you want me to add any contact information for you in the Share post.

      Thanks again for sharing!
      Hope to see you again next week!
      ~ K ~

  3. Here's mine:

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your own blog post, Thrive After Three! I loved watching the video. And the topic you shared is a really good on. It is very useful in storytimes ~ especially for preschoolers!

      Did you have any contact information or background information that you would like for me to share in the post?

      Thanks again!
      Hope to have you join in again next week.
      ~ K ~

  4. Just saw THIS on Pinterest. Wondering if I have enough time before school starts to re-tool something like this for a valentines day story time??

    1. Hi, Miss Sue, I say "YES!" you have time or should make time to create this adorable little mailbag. I love it! Thanks for sharing the link.

      Did you want me to add in any contact information for you? Just let me know if you do.

      Have a lovely weekend!
      Hope to see you again next Saturday!

    2. Hey there - So in response to you wanting to share our blogs, and also since we talked about flash mobs, I'll offer up my blog post on my Caps For Sale Flash mini mob.
      I posted a new Flannel Friday this week, but wont be starting up my story time posts until next weekend. So at that point I will have a story time nearly every week. Woo-hoo!

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  6. Hi,

    I love reading about all these great ideas. I do programs for babies, crawlers, and tots- so really no crafting for my programs but I am expanding to a family storytime and love to use some of your ideas.

    You can find my storytime themes for little ones here


    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Inma. We appreciate!

      We would love to have you link up one of your blog posts for our Saturday Share this week. It is easy to do - just share the direct link to the post you want to share in the comment section of this week's Share post. It should be our latest blog post when you first click on our site.

      We look forward to having you join the Share this week!