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Storytimes and More Saturday Share: February 1, 2014

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Storytimes and More
Saturday Share!

Just a quick Welcome to February, Happy Groundhog's Day and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Thank you for clicking back to us this week. We have lots of creative and inspiring shares which include groundhogs and hearts ~ just in time for February's holidays. Plus we have a new section that you will definite;y want to check out! 

Thanks again for stopping by. 
We hope you enjoy the shares!

~ Amazing Activities Shares ~

Lisa is excited to be doing this "really cool creative writing activity" with her after-school bunch later this week. She plans to literally "chill out with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book" with her kids and then have them do a little persuasive "Marshmallow Writing" as suggested at Mrs. Lirette"s Learning Detectives. Lisa loves that this is a fun writing activity that she can easily turn into a wall display!
Cheryl, also known to us as JacksNana, is back this week with more Legos ideas. She has been watching her grandson, Jack, more often lately and has needed new and fresh ideas to keep him busy. A friend of hers recommended that she "take a peek at some educational activities" from the Lego Education page. Cheryl downloaded several ideas for Jack to choose from and they were all a success! But Jack's favorite was Treasure in the Jungle!

A warm welcome to Hannah who is sharing with us for the first time this week. She is sharing "a great little Storytime idea for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" from I Heart Crafty Things. The activity is simple to recreate and wonderful for retelling the book over and over. Oh, and there are also directions for creating your own edible coconut tree. Yum yum!
Looking for a creative, fun way to get your kids interested in different types of books? Carrie from The Lion is a Bookworm has just the display for you! She outlines how she went about prepping her books for the display and even has a built-in incentive to encourage her library friends to participate. You gotta love this!

~ Creative Crafting Shares ~

Thrive Thursday brings us a uniquely interactive craft for "the most popular" Early Reader series in her library. That series is the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems. If you aren't familiar with these two lovable guys, I highly recommend an immediate trip to the library or bookstore for the important first introduction. You will be laughing all the way back home ~ I guarantee it!


Elena, a first grade teacher, was searching for an unusual, non-edible Valentine giveaway for her class when she found these "super cute and irresistible" glow in the dark Valentines at The Teacher Wife
Elena has already been to the Dollar Store and printed out the free printable so she is "only a few steps away from having the cutest Valentines ever" for her class! She is very excited because she knows the girls AND the boys will love them!
Carrie, our weekly Google guru, is sharing a "hysterical" craft just in time for all our Groundhog's Day celebrations. She found the idea for a "simple Groundhog face" on 30 Minute Crafts made it with friends in less than 30 minutes ~ "if you don't include drying time". Since my storytime friends love to dress-up and pretend, I am definitely making this craft!Let the giggling and fun begin!
My contribution this week is a playful little craft that goes along with one of my favorite books, My Heart is Like a Zoo, by Michael Hall. There are just so many things that you can do with this book! This week, I am sharing an oldie but goodie from my blog, Storytime ABC'S. It is a heart-shaped lion puppet inspired by the illustrations in the book ~ template included.

~ P-interesting Shares ~

Claire, also known to us as Mom to Zoe, is back again this week with a yummy snack idea. Zoe attends a preschool playgroup each week where each mom is responsible for a different job. This week Claire was responsible for a snack based on the theme of Groundhog's Day. Instead of "freakng out" like she wanted to, Claire headed on over to Pinterest and  "eventually found this super cute, super easy snack". A quick trip to the store for a few items and she and Zoe had their "Shadow or Not Cookies" all ready to share.

Miss Sue is back with another one of her tremendously fun storytime ideas that she shared on Pinterest. I'm calling it ~ Shadow Play! Sounds fun,doesn't it? Well, it definitely is!
In our comments, Miss Sue wrote, "Today I played with shadows in story time. I brought in a bunch of die cuts (all black) and had the kids identify who's shadow it was. Then I set out small LED flashlights and let them play with the die cuts and shadows. Sounds ridiculously simple, but I couldn't get them to put the flashlights down. It was the perfect way to wrap up our Shadows story time!"  Well...I think Miss Sue essentially says it all ~ Simple is often the best!

~ Spectacular Storytime Shares ~

Travis is back again this week to kick off our Storytime Shares with one that she loves doing, her Color Me CUTE Puppet Show. She wrote, "Brown Rabbit's Shape Book by Alan Baker is a very simple tale about a bunny who is gifted with a big box containing a smaller box containing... balloons. You haven't lived till you blow up balloons in front of your storytime audience and then let them fly all over the room." What else can I say? I think I'll just let that be Travis's introduction and we can all click over to read more about this exciting storytime which includes a Suncatcher craft.

Ann, our librarian friend from California, was recently asked by her boss to check into a Yoga Storytime for their library. While doing some research, she came across the post, The Benefits of Kid Yoga & How to Get Started Today, on the Modern Parents Messy Kids blog. Ann has found the post to be very useful since it includes links to research, videos, books, and other helpful resources. "It is the perfect place to start for anyone considering yoga for a young child or for a library program." 
Sara M. Bryce, one of the members of our Facebook group ~ Storytimes and More on the Go, wondered if it was okay to "share someone else's stuff" on our weekly share. The answer is a big huge "YES!" because we love sharing  and bringing attention to awesome ideas ~ whether they are our own or someone else's. 
Sara mentioned that she wanted to make sure everyone saw the write-up by her coworker Brooke at Reading with Red Brooke created a "daycare/preschool tour based on Dinosaur v The Library by Bob Shea.  Who can resist a Dinosaur, Library, Bob Shea combination? Not me! Plus Sara says, "It is the greatest!"  

Anne from itsybitsymom links up another of her wonderful Wiggleworms Story Time Plans, Groundhogs and Hibernating Animals. As always, she shares several book recommendations, songs, games, a flannel set, and a fun craft idea. Everything you need to celebrate Groundhog's day!

~ Terrific Twitter Shares ~

We are debuting a brand new section of shares this week and to kick us off, I am sharing an awesome group that I highly recommend following on Twitter ~ @NAEYC ~ The National Association for the Education of Young Children, one of the largest organizations working on behalf of young children. They often tweet links to wonderful resources about working with children. 
Here is one of their recent tweets: 
"Check out these 5 great resources at the library! #ece #earlyed"

If you are new to Twitter, you might be wondering about the phrases #ece and #earlyed. These are called "hashtags" on Twitter and they help you find information on certain topics quickly. We will be sharing mportant hashtags as we continue to have this section each week. 

To get you started, the hashtag #ece stands for "Early Childhood Education" and #earlyed stands for "Early Education". Both are worth checking out. I also recommend our hashtag #StorytimesandMore and a hashtag that I personally started for sharing cute things that our storytime friends do at the library ~ #LibraryCuties

And now for a few suggestions of actual people to follow on Twitter:

Our group ~ @StorytimestoGo

Chantelle ~ @cockburnlibrary

Carrie ~ @lionisabookworm

Lanie ~ @storiesbylanie

K Leigh (me) ~ @StorytimeFun

Angela ~ @adubinger

Lisa ~ @lmulvenna

Jenna ~ @jenna_goodall

Susan ~ @suelibchick

Sara ~ @plsanders

Lisa ~ @giddygiddens

If you have any questions about getting started on Twitter, please feel free to email me at and I will try to help you out.

~ Wonderful Website Shares ~

Mollie, is a homeschooling mom of 4, who is joining us for the first time this week after finding us through her homeschool group. She says, "A friend shared it (our blog) on our homeschool forum. I have enjoyed your past posts this morning..." And she wanted to share something she "read on one of her favorite homeschool websites". The article is 5 Days of Homechool Essentials, Day 2 ~ A Library Card from Homeschool Ways about homechooling and libraries. Mollie mentioned that it reminded her of how important her library and librarians are to her family and she hopes that reading it will "encourage homeschoolers and others to seek out their librarians to tell them thank you for all their hardwork." 

~ Yearnful Youtube Shares ~

And finally ~ to close us out this week, I want to share an love-inspiring Youtube video of 25 children being interviewed about love, dating and marriage, affection, babies, and things they love. Be prepared to say, "Aaaah!" and to laugh outloud at these adorable little cuties!

***By the way, I am very proud to say that I figured out how to do the html 
for adding Youtube videos to the blog. Yay me!***

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